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Metal Spout

Metal / Aluminum Pour Spouts

Inexpensive & reliable at about a penny per spout.

Plastic Spout

Plastic Pour Spouts

Corrosion Resistant and Metal Detection Safe

Paper Spout

Paper Pour Spouts

FDA Approved for Food Products

Seal Spout Coporation in business for 67 years 100% Reliability
Seal-Spout Corporation

Packaging Managers

Our spout inserting machines integrate with any packaging system or filler machine. Our reliability is unsurpassed, with 100% availability of same-day shipping of service parts. Many of our machines have been in service for more than 20 years.

Marketing / Packaging Designers

Our pour spouts offer the highest degree of flexibility of packaging design and are well-accepted by consumers worldwide. They are simple, innovative and easy for consumers to use.

Product Managers

Seal-Spout pour spouts are a proven solution that enjoy customer acceptance and have a very low cost. Our spout inserting machines offer the most flexible solution for in-house and contact packagers.

 Spout Inserting Machines

Spout Insertion MachineWith many units in near-continuous operation for more than 20 years, our spout inserting machines are exceptionally reliable. Our pour spout equipment is designed to prevent mis-feeds and to ensure error-free insertion of our spouts. Spouts and parts are always available to ensure interruption-free service.

 Filler Machine & Packaging Line Integration

Our engineers and designers customize our spout inserting machines to work with most vertical cartoners, packaging systems or cartoning systems. We regularly solve the most difficult challenges presented by today's packaging systems when integrating our spout machines.

 65+ years of Design, Manufacturing & Service Excellence

Seal-Spout is a fourth-generation family-owned and -operated business. The Brucker family started manufacturing and inserting spouts in 1929, when Mr. Brucker was approached by International Salt to help them automate the insertion of their pour spouts into their paperboard cartons, which until that time was done by hand. Over the ensuing years, the Bruckers have had a singular focus on developing the most innovative, highest-quality inexpensive pour spouts and spout inserting machines. Seal-Spout has manufactured more than a billion spouts and has spout inserting machines in service for more than 25 years.

Seal-Spout's designers, engineers, sales team and support staff are committed to ensuring interruption-free service for all their customers and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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