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I schedule the production runs for the shift schedule on any given day. I’ve got two shifts running 20 hours, so that’s a lot of up time. I’ve been here 20 years, and we’ve been dealing with Seal-Spout for 20 years. Overall I’ve been pleased with the customer service, and then their willingness to address any problems that may have come up over the years, whether it was materials or mechanical issues with the machines themselves. We’ve got a good relationship with them, that they’ve always been willing to offer help.

If we did come across an issue that we were having trouble with and couldn’t resolve, usually it was just a phone call to support from Seal-Spout, to address the problem. They would offer solutions over the phone. They knew the machine well enough to remotely talk us through the issue. And usually that’s all we required.

When I first started, we had a combo unit. We had part Seal-Spout machine, part our design. We ended up rebuilding our whole line back around 1994, and it was 100% Seal-Spout at that point, because in talking with Seal-Spout, we were confident in the machine that they had presented as a complete unit to meet our needs. So in 1994, we started with that machine.

Our original spout design was about an 85-degree opening. But then we had customers requesting a spout that opens a full 90 degrees. And Seal-Spout worked with us in developing a 90-degree spout for us, for our customers. We could deliver on a feature request for our customers specifically because of Seal-Spout.

If we were going to add a line, I would definitely go with Seal-Spout again.

Packaging Line Manager

Salt Packaging Corporation

At Seal-Spout, we know our pour spout inserting machines are fast and reliable and our pour spouts are high quality, but don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying about Seal-Spout Corporation:

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“When I first came here, we had a totally different mechanism that would insert our spouts, and that was pretty much a nightmare. In about 1983 the Seal-Spouts went in; one of the best moves I ever made.”

— S.C., Packaging Supervisor
Salt Packaging
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