Sugar Substitutes Manufacturer Testimonial

I’ve known Frank a long time, over 12 years. I trust him. In my role as Maintenance Planner, I am charged with making sure we have all the parts for the equipment, so if there’s a breakdown, we have everything we need, in house.

I’m very happy with Seal-Spout! Any time I‘ve ever had any questions, they would respond very quickly, if we needed them. Frank was available with online procedures about how to resolve the issue and if it didn’t resolve at that point, he would send one of his service techs out here right away... and they aren’t even in the same state.

We previously leased one of their pieces of equipment. When I was first hired here 12 years ago, I was hired as a Maintenance Manager, and we had an old Seal-Spout unit here in house. When we decided to upgrade our production, we knew Seal-Spout was a reliable source, a reliable product, and they back it up. So, we kept the Seal-Spout, which we incorporated into a new machine. We had a joint venture between Seal-Spout and two other packaging machine companies. Seal-Spout was able to integrate and work with our other production line machinery; they were really flexible that way. So we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, or start from the beginning again.

I think the greatest benefit has been the reliability of the machine; it keeps production flowing, and actually our production has grown. In fact, we’re in the midst of ordering another machine! So, obviously we chose to use Seal-Spout again.

Maintenance Planner

Sugar Substitutes Manufacturer

At Seal-Spout, we know our pour spout inserting machines are fast and reliable and our pour spouts are high quality, but don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying about Seal-Spout Corporation:

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   “A feature request because of Seal-Spout...”
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“We’ve been dealing with Seal-Spout for 20 years. Overall I’ve been pleased with the customer service, and then their willingness to address any problems that may have come up over the years. ”

— B.H., Packaging Line Manager
Salt Packaging Corporation
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